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My revenge on PITA

After getting so much from PITA, I'm glad to announce that I finally had my revenge today. OK lah... just a bit only.

PITA came over to ask me to explain to him how to run a job. He need to do it on Sunday. I'm the only person in the team who had run that job before as it is quite new. In fact, I've taught everyone how to run the job during the previous team meeting.

So I told him that I've already taught everyone how to run the job. If he got any problem, can refer to the powerpoint slide.

This phrase sound very very familar. Didn't he used that on me before?


I love PITA bread stuff with chicken and veg

Arzhou: Trust me, you won't want to eat this PITA.

Actually what does this PITA stands for?

Iris: Pain In The Ass. hahahaha....

You must have feel shiok, after you gave him back, what he deserved.

That somthing that u have keep it at your chest.

Next time he must give u some respect and not see u as a weakling.

ei .... becoming more and more like me arh! hehe .....

yeah, give it back to them, man!


Zhenzhen: Yeap. But I'm expecting some shit from him for the next two weeks. Let see how it goes. :)

Well done...

Raine: Thank you.... thank you. :D

revenge on PITA begins.

Raine: Later he strikes back then you know. You sitting closer to him hor. :P

Pi lah...
His arrow can fly one leh...

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