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Uzyn will do bartop dancing during party

The pickup rate for the party registration is rather slow. I know, all you pingster are shy right? Still waiting to see who else is going then will register right?

OK, after some discussion with the party planning committee, we decided to do a promo to encourage everyone to register early.

As discussed, Uzyn will do bartop dancing during the party if the registration hit 60 by end of this Friday (22 June 2007, 2359). Yes. Uzyn will climb up geek terminal's blinking LED bartop and do a hot sexy bartop dance for us. BUT ONLY if the number of people who registered for the party hit 60 by end of this Friday.

If you haven't register, what are you waiting for? Hurry! Register now!!!

Footnote #1: Performance subjected to Geek Terminal Management's approval.
Footnote #2: Rated R21.


Sorry, but is this stunt supposed to drive sign-ups for the party, or decrease it? :-P

Sicarii: Of cos drive up lah. Hello, Uzyn dancing on bartop leh. I'm sure tons of people are dying to watch him do bartop dancing. :D

Hmm, ok, I won't know coz I don't swing that way, but whatever gets the party going, eh?


I can't join in as I'll be away on a biz trip, so have fun. :)

Sicarii: You are going to miss the fun.

Take more pictures, post them and make me cry. :)

Sicarii: Sure. We will post lots of photos to make you regret for the rest of your life that you can't make it that night. :P

*evil laugh*

*laugh at sicarii's 1st comment.*

Serious!? Uzyn better keep his word arh. I would like to see dk dance to the song of 杜德伟's
脱掉 脱掉!. haha....

Remember to wear red g-string! Ahhh, I got a maple leave! I bring it for you to use as a decoration on ####. kakakakaka....

CCDA: Firstly, the registration must hit 60 by end of tonight. Secondly, must get approval from MICA and Geek Terminal.

We see how it goes.

But NOT I DANCE HOR! Uzyn dance.

you also need approval from LKY and ISD because anything more than 5 is considered illegal gathering.

Anon: Wah piang. Like that every single F thing also need their approval lor.

erm... veron or estee would have been a better bait :P

Anon: Which buaya are you!?!?!?
Quick! Identify yourself!


eh.. I'll have to pass for now coz I'm a closet blogger :p

highway: Aiya... just come and don't say you are "highway" lor. :D

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