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The 3 person I regret not talking to at the anniversary

This post is inspired by Paddy's "The 3 Persons I met at anniversary"

I think I was too tired during the party. It has been a long day and I slept late the night before. Few of the guys came to ask if I'm alright. I guess they notice that I wasn't my usual self. I'm alright, just too tired. At some point, I wished that I could just sit down one corner and knock out.

I did try mingle around. And I'm sorry for forgetting your blog, name and face shortly after speaking. I was never good at names and yesterday was even worst cause I was just too tired. Please forgive me if I look cold, rude or unfriendly. Just too tired.

Kinda regret not having the stamina to talk to everyone. There are so many new faces, so many people I want to talk to but I didn't. There are 3 person whom I really wish I had the chance to talk to that day.

Sheylara: A beautiful young lady who blogs at She is a freelance actress although I must admit I've never seen her on TV. Maybe because I'm always infront of my laptop and don't really watch TV. Even if I watch TV, it would most likely be cable. I've met her once during blogout but didn't have the courage to speak to her. Well, she is always surrounded by hunks (And Nannywen, who took photos with me :D ). No chance for me to get close to her. Sad leh.
PS: My lap top is always there for you to use. :)

Josh Lim: Owner of Advertlets. He seems to be a nice guy. I didn't get any chance to talk to him because he is always surrounded by all the hot babes. Damn, this guy is a chio bu magnet. I only heard of Advertlets recently. All this while, I only heard of his competitors. I guess Advertlets need more exposure. Hope the party managed to give Advertlets good exposure. Actually I wanted to talk to Josh to know more about Advertlets. Seriously speaking, I'm really considering putting some ads on my blog lately. (Just for the sake of trying out) I've been hearing lots of good stuff about Advertlets and Josh.

You: OK, I know this "you" word has been over used. But still, my greatest regret that night is not meeting the rest of you. Lets hope I'll get the chance during next gathering.

PS: Last person is "YOU" also because I scared I miss out anyone and they got angry. You should know lah, it's very risky to name people. If you missed out someone by accident, the person will be angry forever one. :P


have you been hearing great stuff about Nuffnang too?

you better say you have! *dagger*

Eh!!.. I talk you quite a bit.. Not enuff ah?? :S


Copy leh DK. :)

Anyway it is great for Izel and I to meet you too.

You do exaggerate so. Where got surrounded by hunks? Hahaha. I was waiting for you to come offer me your laptop (computer) but you never. T_T

Anyway, thanks for the entry. I feel honoured. ;)

davienne: Of cos I've heard good things about Nuffnang. I heard that their intern use dagger one. :D


ntt: This post is abt people I don't get to talk to mah. You confirm not in this list. :D

Paddy: INSPIRED.... where got copy?

Yes, it's great meeting you and Izel too. Pity that I met Izel 12 years late, else I could have saved her from you. :P

*RUN for my life again*

sheylara: Got wor. Really no chance to get close to you.

My laptop and top of my lap is always here for you to borrow. :D

You huh! Always that cheeky one! hahah!


It was great to meet you at the party. You were funny as ever.


btw, you look so huggable.
wait. don't tell defector I just said that.


Nay Min Thu: Nice meeting you too. Too bad we didn't talk much. Will have chance during next gathering. :D

UFC: Fats mah, of cos huggable. :P OK OK, next time defector not around, I let you hug lah. hahahahaha.....


Nice to finally see the face on the table lol.

Maybe you're too nice already, as the Chinese saying goes, "Nan ren bu huai, nu ren bu ai" hahaha

Anyway, all the best in your job hunt and don't get too stressed over the recent happenings! :)

Michael Lim: Wah, if that is the case, then I'm surrounded by huai nan ren. All the guys around me seems to be attached. haha.

Sure? You really sure? Very very sure?

ufc: Sure... Just don't let defector know can liao. wahahahaha.....

Wow, I feel honoured to be mentioned here. :) The reason why is also very flattering, though not too sure how true it is, haha!

Thanks for your comments on Advertlets too...will drop you a mail, but do sign up an account first, and let me know if you have any questions? I look forward to welcoming you to the Advertlets network soon. Cheers!

PS: This is to DK and anyone else I met at but didn't get to chat with, we can do so online :) until the next gathering...I'm on MSN, you can add me at

Josh: Yes yes, will sign up soon. Look forward to meeting you again in the near future. :)

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