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Why am I still single?

Sometimes in the middle of the night, I would switch off the lights in my room, turn on some nice music and sit on my bed to wonder.... why am I still single? OK, I know I'm not rich or capable or good looking. But I'm still not that bad mah. Why am I still single? Is there anything wrong with me?

Someone even said that I'm a nice boy, tall, pleasant looking but a little fat. Then why am I still single?

Well.... maybe is because got people post blog entries like this, this and this. After reading those post, where got gals want to get near me? All the gals who are interested in me will all back off after reading those blog entries.

Whatever remaining reputation I have are all being destroyed by the folks at tonight.

Ladies, don't listen to those rumour mongers. I'm perfectly straight and only interested in gals.

that sounds bad. well, go look for someone who doesn't know what's internet. than she wouldn't have read those blogs! *lol*

one day, the lady will appear... just have to wait...

"I'm perfectly straight and only interested in gals."

You say untill like that ah, people wanna doubt already ok. Why need to say out like that?? Trying to hide something is it?? :p

claudia: No use one. Even if the gal don't use internet, her friends will also tell her.

ntt: I should include you into the list of reason why I'm still single too.

rumors, casual flirting, failed experiments aside..., perhaps it's just that you have yet to enter her life, or she into yours. Just wait for the time to come then.

WTH?? You watch out ah.. You just watch out..

perhaps the time is not right for ms. right to step into your life... and perhaps you are not the mr. right that they are looking for...

dun despair, for a match has been determined. when the time is right, she will appear... under the least expected circumstances. :)

[ene]: Yeap, and with all those post, she also don't dare to enter my life. hahaha.

ntt: Why? You also want to blog things about me ah? Aiya, already no more reputations left. You go ahead lor. :P

Anon: Haha... I'm not despair lah. This entry is just joking only.


what?? u breaking up with Uzyn?? i thought u finally found ur soul mate..



You lack Mojo. LEarn from Austin Power how he get mojo and you on your way to ...

Aiyerrr DK, now then I know the reason, no wonder u refused to reveal...hahahaaa!

Poor dk!

Why you go and admit you are the person I was talking about in the first post? aiyahhhh.... not many people know, now everybody knows.

I'll be responsible for your happiness, ok? wahahaha......

well.. i tot both of u looked quite compatible...
It's really quite fine to open up ur choice of preference actually... :X


why limited your choice? be a bi lar, boys and girls also can.

I like gers too, but sometime i find certain guys really attractive too

but of course that doesnt mean i want to poke their ass or my ass been poke by them..hahaa

Nay Min Thu: YOU another one. Haiz

Anonymous: I hate Austin Power leh.

Shanice: Wah... even you also join in with them. You good.

CCDA: I thought Cobalt Paladin already REVEAL that it is me liao. You all really very good friend leh.

Responsible for my happiness? I don't want Jaymes LOR!

Shan: YOU another one. argh.

Astro: I prefer to limit my choices to just gals only.

and me too! i dun mind being one of the culprits of making ur reputation score negative 2000. lol.

eh. u're very fun lah :) thats why we tease u.. hee hee!!

Daphne: poor me. -_-'''

Sigh..At first I still dont quite believed it and argued with CCDA, we nearly fight.

But when CCDA show me ONE photo that she had still not post about you..OMG How did she get that photo of U and Uz together.

She will be revealing it to the media on 070707 party, ...if u win.

Christopher: you another one come here see people fall into the well, u drop a stone in. Haiz. Friends....

aiyo, you still young, still can go vietnam find right?

if not you act beng, see still got galz or not?

in the wise words of 50c
"i got 99 problems but the bitch ain't one"

chillycraps: No thx lor. I don't believe in going Vietnam to buy love.

litford: Which bitch? Where?

i believe you D... for i am like you... but i think differently now... because i change my mindset and i am happier now... i hope u can too

dun worry la, it will happen sooner or later.

stop trying to sell yourself, pls lah!!!

Anon: Change mindset to what? Gay? NEVER!!

Arzhou: NEVER!!!

Anon: I'm not selling myself. Did you see any price tag on me?

u straight meh?

I tot ask long as got shaved legs and wear skirt one you will go after them.

HJ: Must also be female lah! Pengz

99 problems but the bitch ain't one is Jay-Z not 50cent!

Oh, and er DK... everything in its right time. Don't worry. Or are you in some kind of a rush?

Kenny: Rush? Haha.... If you notice, I'm writing this in a joking tone.

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