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Adobe AIR (Apollo)

Saw a demo on Adobe AIR (used to be codename Apollo) at the iX Conference. I'm quite impressed by what it can do, although I have no idea how complicated the programming is going to be like.

Very impressed by the offline feature. We are currently at a time where everything is moving online, yet we are still unable to remain online 24/7. I think Adobe AIR is able to fill the gap while we try to achieve being online 24/7. I already see a lot of applications for the offline feature.

Check out this demo that I found. It's almost the same as the one presented during the iX Conference. It's always good to know what the technology can do for you.

Oh, I love the way it intergrates with the webcam too. Cool.

looks so cool! Thanks for sharing!

Nicole: too bad you can't attend the iX conference. It was fun.

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