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Inspired by the Young Businessman.

Try it out yourself!
Size: 600 X 450 pixels
Font: Microsoft Sans Serif, 36, Strong
Font Colour: White
Phrase: Meet XXX. He/She just got Pinged. Have you?
A logo must always be at the top your picture because you are helping to advertise

(OK, I know I didn't follow the picture size rule. :P )

Quick join in the fun and do a ads with your own photos. No need show face also can. Do anything you like. Be creative. Try to do something that reflect your reaction when you got pinged. The most important thing is have fun.


Upload photo in ur ping profile, size limit is 100 x 100

sentosa girl: Yes Mdm. Will do tonight. :P

It should be 100kb instead of 100 x 100.

Sentosagal: Errr.... I always don't follow rules 1. :P

Er.... is that you in the photo DK? Don't look like you leh?

Sheylara: No, that is my evil twin bro. :P

Haha you should add one more element! Hyperlink the picture to ^__^

wah... so many pple doing all this ads... should i do? lol

Nicole: Yes.... we wait for your entry. :D

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