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My friend math fail

A friend of my MSN me today telling me to go apply for Starhub mobile broadband. He was saying the $5 plan is good and cheap. Very worth it.

So I went to Starhub website to look at the plan. The $5.35 plan only gives $20 worth of surfing. And each kb is 0.32cent.

Without doing my math, I told him that its as good as m1 because m1 plan is 5gb at $22.42. More worth it. He told me that the Starhub plan is 6gb free. I didn't believe it. If it is really 6gb at $5, they would have used that figure as a marketing message since it is clearly much better than their competitor.

So I took out my excel and do some math.
1kb = 0.32 cent = $0.0032
Total $20 free usage.
20 / 0.0032 = 6250kb
1mb = 1024kb
6250kb = 6.1mb

Wah piang. 6mb and 6gb very big different leh! Decimal point put wrong place huh?
So I told him that he count wrongly. It is 6mb free, not 6gb.
And it took him several second to discover that I was right. 6250kb != 6gb.

Tsk tsk..... Math really fail leh.
OK lah, I promise don't reveal to anyone who you are. Hahaha....

Wah lao! Your friend's maths really cannot make it leh! How he graduate one? :p


Cobalt Paladin: Ya lor. Cannot make it. Don't know how he grad one leh. Maybe degree buy online one. :P

young businessman: Oops. Typo. Thx for telling me. :D

Well we can't blame your friend either coz its pretty obvious the ad was out to confuse or should I say "con" less knowledgable consumers into believing the same thing your friend did.

Bitbot: No lah, the Ads didn't try to confuse people. It just didn't state the amount of free data transfer given. Which is common everywhere.

DK, not only your friend fails maths, he is easily conned! Bwahahahaha!

Cobalt Paladin: I think so too. Luckily I told him. Wait he really go sign up, thinking that really got 6gb free. Haha.

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