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Dumb thief

This is another one of those dumb thief story. I was laughing in office when I read about it.

The thief broke into an office and got away with four laptops and two iMac. The office’s security camera’s resolution wasn't high enough to see their face clearly. So everyone thought they got away with it. We are so wrong.

Someone played with the iMac’s photobooth and accidentally uploaded his photo to the victim’s flickr account. Not sure who is he. Perhaps the thief, the thief’s friend or the person who bought the stolen iMac. Whoever it is, he should be able to help solve the crime. I wonder if flickr records the IP address of the uploader. If they do, then it would be pretty easy to solve the crime.

If all the thieves in the world are so dumb, I think Paddy’s Verey I will have no business already. :P

fwah...dumb theif, which kinda explain their dumb act in even stealing in the first place..muahahahhaha

Napaboaniya: Yeap. If want to steal, should also steal more money so that he don't need to do again. :P

Hee... nowadays to steal is easy.. not to get caught is another matter. :)

Paddy: Actually, I feel that it is still easy to get away with it. Not everyone is as dumb as that thief. :P

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