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namewee - 網路大戰 Internet War

Another new RAP by namewee

Can feel that there is more and more anger in his RAP. Not really a good thing. Miss those tamer RAP like 麻坡的華語

Yeah there is more anger in this rap.

I thought he had apologised for his previous work. Doesn't seems to be the case right now.

Don't think he is ever going to step back to his country anymore.

Motd: Well.... perhaps everyone still attacking him after he apologised.

I'm more worried for his families who are still in Malaysia. Hope they are fine. Ya, think he will have difficulities going back to Malaysia.

Namewee is already got blacklisted by the "goatment" and police SB, he will be pick up if he come back, his family is under constant death threat h from group claim to represent Islam.His future in Malaysia is bleak and hopeless.

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