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How to wrap a present?

OK, I know I suck at wrapping present. Usually I would go to the gift wrap counter and get professional help. But I don't have time to queue up at the gift wrap counter this year because of my last minute Christmas shopping. So got no choice but to wrap the present myself. At first I thought it should be easy since all the gifts this year are in box shape.

And I'm once again reminded how I suck at wrapping present.

How do people work in gift wrap counter? How did they wrap the presents so nicely? I really need to learn from them.

This year's wrapping paper is sponsored by Robinsons. Not all the presents are from Robinsons. Haha.

Happen to bump into this youtube video on how to wrap a present. It's done by a little boy. Amazed. I guess it's abit too late this year. But maybe can keep it for reference next year.

On 2nd thought, I think I can do better than him. If someone give me a video camera this year for Christmas present, I would be able to do a better video clip.

Seriously, it's not as bad as u make it out to be. Anyways, you cld have passed them to mi. =p Merry Christmas! :) - MnM

yours looks ok leh...

MnM: Pass to you to wrap the presents I bought for you? hhhmmm.... Not a good idea. :P

absolutjoiz: Really? Thx. Maybe next year I can go part time at gift wrap counter. :D

I like mine unwrap. It is okay. Just send it to me or best .. cash? haha

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