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I didn't hack that website

I didn't hack the website that provides the Edison Chen scandal photo. (Warning: the link is NSFW)

Really, not I do one.

Thanks to Xizor for telling me about this. I don't visit this site one hor. He is the one who spotted it. Not me. :P


The plot thickens... your evil twin, perhaps? ;)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Sicarii: No leh. He would use "DK's evil Twin Bro" if it was him.

but you visited the site for the screen capture wor...

so, technically speaking, you still visited the site =P

LOL cc caught you!!! honestly tot it might have been you man..keke..

erm..not that I was looking for some photos anyways...~looks around whistling~ :P

CC: But I wasn't looking for those pictures. :P

fox2: Guilty as charged.

Jason: Wah, you really see me very up. No lah, I don't know hacking. Even if I do, I won't be so stupid and put my real nick there. :P

tts right put chillycraps and ridz name.


Guilty! We knew u did it! You must have kept all the pics for own use. :P

Tianhong: or maybe I should put your name. :P

Public educator: Not me! Really

Paul: Why would I wanna do that? :P

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