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I forgot that there are things that shouldn't be mentioned on this blog because some of you are reading it.

Pissed off that I can't blog about anything I feel like blogging on my own blog. If only there is a private post option for blogspot.

why bother? just blog!

Wordpress lor :P

surrender yourself to wordpress! :)

but really...
it's your blog, you are entitled to your thoughts / opinions, even if others disagree or 'sensitively' feel offended and be offensive.

if you constantly need to 'delete / edit' your own opinions / thoughts, then you are just writing for the mass and it's no longer a blog.

Moving to wordpress soon..... hopefully by end of the mth.

Alternatively, create another blog like All the posts there will be protected. Only trusted friends like myself will be allowed to read. ;)

Yay! Another blogger ditching Blogspot for Wordpress. Good for you!

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