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**Ah beng mode on**

Limpeh ka li kong hor, todae hor, limpeh ki greenapple eh blog hor, see this lanjiao link. Wah lan wei! Jin Jia si funny leh. Jit eh kennysia sibei gi-lat hor. Ah ni kuan ma eh sia. This thing hor, sibei shoik leh.

limpeh next time hor, eng this tool, then hor, don need type all these lanjiao bengish blog myself. even better. eh bai hor, eng ji eh link lai kua wa eh blog lah. Mai long wa ma huan type kao lampah drop....

**Ah beng mode off**

LAME LEH!!!!!!!!! LoLz =p

wah liao... make me read so long then finish reading wat crap u trying to say... -_-'''

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