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齐天大圣 2006-09-16

This segment most likely won't be aired in Singapore. Damn the censorship board.

I cannot take it anymore. Stomach ache!!!

Er... with video sites like YouTube, do you even need to be bothered about Censorship Board? You are watching the segment, no? As times move on, the role of censorship board is really becoming archaic and I wonder how are they going to keep being relevant?

But not everyone watches youtube like I do. And even if they do, they might not bump into this clip.

Censorship board? Aiya.... they just trying to be PITA. What is there to censor nowadays?

This is so funny. Keep them coming DK!

Vesance: I didn't know you are chinese. hahaha....

i watched this video like 3 times and i laughed so hard each time. i've bookmarked this particular page, just to you know... have a good laugh whenever i feel like it. heh :)

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