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Junk mails 3

The junkmail admin strikes yet again.

At 8:29AM:
Hi everyone,

For your kind attention.
There is some electrical fault in the water dispenser in the pantry area
Matter reported to mtn

Thank you

Shortly, at 8:54AM:
Hi again,

Mtn staff checked and feedback that it is safe to take the water.
They will monitor the situation.

Thank you

Then at 4.02PM:
Hi everyone,

Due to electrical fault the water dispenser has been switched off so no cold or hot water.
The water is still safe for drinking.

Mtn is getting vendor to rectify it tomorrow.

Thank you

Can someone please tell the junkmail admin that the water from the water dispenser comes from the tap and the tap water in Singapore is 1 of the safest in the world.

Heard that she had resigned recently and will be leaving soon. Wonder if we will miss her junkmails or not. Will there be a part 4?

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