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Wi-Fi mooching Analogy

Let say there is this big house along the road. The owner always keep his door wide open. He has a lock, but just didn't lock the door. Their aircon is turned on 24hr a day, regardless if there is anyone at home.

One day, a passerby saw the wide open door and went into the house to enjoy the aircon. Just enjoy the aircon, nothing else. The owner didn't lose anything because his aircon is always on, regardless if there is anyone in the house or not. But he is not happy that some stranger is enjoying his aircon.

But instead of chasing out the passerby and locking his door, he decided to call the police to arrest the passerby.

So now that the passerby has been caught. But the door remain wide open.
Waiting for another passerby to come in?

Why don't you just turn on your freaking Mac Filtering Features? And also WEP or WPA!

Why the need to call the police and get that guy arrested? Did you lose anything?

Might as well tell the passerby to pay the electricity bill for the aircon usage? End of the day, the owner will not get anything back for arresting him.

Technically speaking, I must say this guy's real smart.. to know who exactly has been using his unprotected wireless network. If you ask me I don't think I can find out... neither will I go check out too. :P Kick him out and that's that. ;)

Its quite hard to catch. Unless that house is the only house in the neighbourhood that has their lights on.

Well, let just say.. there's no free things in this world ..

Got. Singapore going to have free WIFI hotspot beginning next year. :D

It's cool that Singapore going to have free WIFI hotspot beginning next year!

Free WiFi is only next year .. the fellow probably thought that he hits jackpot with free wifi without having to wait that long.

I doubt the punishment will be easy, the authority has this habit to 'kill one, haunt hundreds'

On 2nd thought... Really nothing is free.

GST going to increase to 7% soon

haha.. looks who's finally agreed with me :p

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