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Discovered something interesting call Twitter. Not quite sure when it actually started. Think quite recent only. But it sure looks interesting.

It is like another blog. Except that every entry cannot exceed 156 characters. Its actually meant for SMS blogging. Too their phone number is a UK number. If I'm not wrong, 1 SMS to UK is 15cents. That is abit expensive. Don't think I'll be updating via SMS often.

They have those cool looking badges which you can add to your blog. But sadly, their badges are too big for my template. Damn those real estate agent for making the side bar so small. If I make the badge smaller, it will become hard to read the text. And I still can't figure out how to adjust the side bar to become bigger. Argh.... I'm an idiot when come to CSS.

Too bad, I can't have that stylo-milo badge on my blog. But I use another version. Nothing fancyful, just plain text. But better than nothing. :D

Another interesting feature is that you can receive SMS when your friends update their Twitter. Good thing is that, its totally free to recieve SMS from oversea numbers. Haven't got the chance to try that feature out yet as I haven't got any friends in there. Need to explore more......

Anyone want to join me in Twitter?
Oh ya... I've just added myself to the Twittermap


That's something interesting!

Quick go create an account and join in the fun. :D

actually i was thinking the way ur twitter looks.. is much nicer than the usual badge. =p

Thanks. :)

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    Connecting to Twitter....

    Connecting to Twitter....


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