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Connecting to Twitter

The Twitter badge at my sidebar has been causing some problems recently. The sidebar couldn't load completely whenever the twitter server is unreachable.

Graham Waldon from google was guest blogging on twitter blog recently and address on this issue. The solution was very simple. Simply put the last line of code at the bottom of the html. The last line are the codes responsible for connecting twitter. Since they are being run last, they will not affect the loading of the rest of the page.

I hope I'm doing the right thing.

Now.... all I need is twitter server to be down so that I can confirm what I'm doing is correct. Can someone at twitter pull the plug for 5 mins for me to test it out? haha. Just kidding.

UPDATE: It works! It really works!


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    Connecting to Twitter....

    Connecting to Twitter....

    Connecting to Twitter....


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