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Degree in 2 boxes and an envelope

Went to collect my course material today. Just like last semester, the course material comes in box.

This time, its 2 boxes instead of 1. This means that I will be taking 2 modules this semester. On top of this 2 boxes, I was given a white envelope.

That is the special assignment. Or rather the project elective that I've choosen. Its going to be a one year project. The deadline is on my birthday! Argh.

This is going to be a tough semester.

Good luck in your new semester! :)

Anyway, I can see the school is getting "commercialised" liaoz.. Books that come with good packaging.. :)

They already started using those nice packaging mid last year.

Yeap, they are getting more and more commercialised lately. You can see that they put up quite a lot of ads at bus stop and even sponsor 'The Arena'.

Commercialised? Beg to differ. One better way to put it - Globalisation. Since everyone is so into it, why not your Uni? At least it is way better than some cheap College without proper ICT facilities...

Adriana: yeap. Actually, I'm fine with the 'commercialiation'. :)

reminds me of 7.62mm ammo box... lolz...

Gizmore: You do too much army liao. hahahaha

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