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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I've been tagged by princess veron to write 5 things that you (most likely) didn't know about me. So here goes....

1) I'm very poor at remembering name. Chances are, I would have forgotten about your name within 10 seconds after shaking hands with you.

2) I snore. Very loudly

3) I don't take curry. But I eat curry puff.

4) I'm very blur. I always take longer time to really know what is happening around me.

5) I don't dip chilli sauce or ketchup when eating french fries. I eat my fries plain. UNLESS you have tartar sauce, bbq sauce or mayonnaise.

Tag 5 person: Shanice, brennan, zhenzhen, the Angel, Iris


1) Same here, especially non-English names. I always have to ask people to repeat their names.

2) I grind my teeth. Very loudly.

4) At least you understood saboteur better than I did.

5) Aiya how can you not eat fries with chili sauce? The two go together like a left sock and a right sock.

veron, if you grind your teeth, it's no good because u cld end up with a locked jaw or something one day, and even fractured teeth. you're too stressed!!

1) i forget names 5 seconds after i hear them
2)i don't even know if i snore or not.
4)what if somebody pours cold water over you or somebody smacks your butt in public?
5)what about curry sauce?

oPPS, I have been tagged, but well I did this sometime ago already ~

1) Most likely I won't ask the person to repeat his/her name. I'll observe and see how others address them. :P

2) Tell you what. If ever there is a chalet or something, you sleep 1 corner and I sleep the other corner. Let the rest have surround sound! :D

2) I can help u check out. :D
4) I'm blur, not dumb. :P
5) Refer to #3

angel: You can always do another 5 things that we don't know about u. :D

Kind of lazy actually... LoL Or I could have did it here?

Wah seh, how come all the persons you tagged are females..? At least thats what I tot from the names..

So mine goes like this

1) I don like animals. I mean I like to play with them but don ask me to take care of them. I will hate you for life if you do.

2) I am a super light sleeper, will wake up at the tiniest bit of disturbance

3) I still have 2 milk teeth, ask me and I shall show you. They are a little blackish but still working fine.

4) I am very mischievous, though I look serious and distracted all the time. I love to play and I will go crazy when I play!

5) Never dare me, I take them seriously and will take up your dares. Unless those that are too ridiculous or has evil intent.

"Wah seh, how come all the persons you tagged are females..?"

DK = Chee-Hong?

chee hong?

Iris: YOU are suppose to do it at ur blog. Not my comment page. :P

"chee hong?"

Refer to The Coxford Singlish Dictionary

The even ruder version of "Pok".
See also: Pok

All females meh?

Cannot be what. The last time I met Brennan, he was still a guy.

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