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Another Friday

Hi there gain! It's me.

How is your day? I hope yours is good. As for me, kind of boring today. Yeah, any suggestion what I can do?

LoL, don't mistaken I'm not being lazy but I really have done with my job at work... maybe I should just go back early... if only my bos allowed me to...

So Chinese New Year & Valentine's is just around the corner! Have you get all your new cloths & stuff?

Imagine all the goodies and red packet you going to get!

As for me things will be different, because I don't stay with my family so I only get to meet them once in a while. Such as this festive season...

Oh yeah, I'm originally from Ipoh, if you don't know where, it's residing at the heart of Perak, one of the state of Malaysia.

So well, another 7 days to go for me to go back to spend my new year with my family member.

Ok, that's about me today, how about you? Wish you have a good weekend there...


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