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Me LAN Admin

Our company bought 27 new PC lately. One of them is for me!! :D
Its about time they upgrade my PC. I'm on a 1.6ghz, 256mb PC. Its still alright for normal duties. But when there is a large list to vlookup or I need to use jbuilder, this machine crawls.

As I'm the LAN Admin on duty, I have to help setup the PC. So there are quite a lot of PC to setup, I decide to do 3 at one go. Could had gone more if the space allows.

The whole thing feels so like the days before my Poly when I was doing parttime job as a trainee technician. Setting up PC like a factory worker at a mass production line. Everyone who walk passed me will go "WAH" or "WOW".

After setting up, I need to get the new pc owners to transfer the data from their old PC to the new ones. At first, I wanted to pull the harddisk from the old PC and plug it to the new PC. But then, the old PC's HDD is on IDE while the new PC is on SATA.

So the only option is to use network to transfer data. Slow, but better than nothing. So with a borrowed hub and power extention cable, I set up some of the new pc on the floor. Using 1 monitor, mouse and keyboard, I connect the new PC to the network one by one, share the drives and get the users to transfer their data.

It is an interesting sight.

wow. I'm impressed!

yeah that's pretty cool!

I can't even handle one computer.

eeks... scary... so many wires. >.<

But I guess you're too excited with your new PC to mind haha :D

very systematic way of doing it.

WAH! look so pro...
the office looks nice.

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