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PC Show damages

Its hard to go to PC show without buying anything. My damages at this PC show was quite huge.

Bought a portable harddisk... Finally.

160gb, with one touch backup button. Casing looked decent and is quite hard. But don't think it is going to protect the harddisk from a fall. Well.... Which harddisk casing can protect the harddisk from a fall anyway?

1 thing I don't like about this harddisk is the cable. Wah piang. The cable is so long and bulky. Can't even fit into the leather pouch.

I am going Sim Lim Sq soon to buy a shorter and less bulky cable. This cable is making the whole harddisk so un-portable.

Then I bought this.....

OK, CYMA did not have a booth at PC show. But I was walking toward the PC show at Suntec when I saw this shop having 20% discount for CYMA watches. So I went in and take a look. They didn't have the blue colour that I've been eyeing months. So the salesperson offer asked me to wait while she transfer the watch from another branch.

So I shop around until she gave me a call 1 hr later. Went back, but disappointed that it wasn't exactly the one that I've been eyeing on. The colour is correct this time, but not the design. So I looked at the black colour one. Quite nice too actually. Was abit tempted to buy already. But maybe the salesperson think that I don't want, so she threw in another 5% discount. That means 25% discount!

OK, SOLD. Anyway, I've been eyeing on that design for so long already. Although not the colour that I want, but this colour looks good too. And the discount really saved me quite alot. :D

Now.... all I need is to practice that Andy Lau pose....

Pls do not go into the Andy-Lau-Pose area...

Spare us.. spare us...


Why not? :(

I bet you look so much more cooler than andy lau :)

Marina: Thx. But that is impossible. :D

ya... super impossible... pls dun 侮辱 my Andy Lau... I think of u in the pose and the only thing I feel like doing is to vomit... :P

lol! It'd be cool if you could look as good as Andy Lau just by wearing the watch. Haha.. Then i bet a lot of guys will be wanting to get that watch too! ;)

starz: thx leh. I make sure I do that pose on wednesday.

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