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Short and sweet

Our tutor showed us one of the assignment answer done by my classmate. She wrote 18 lines for a 3 mark question. And her answer is perfect, 3 out of 3 marks. My tutor said it was the best answer she got for that question.

The thing is, I also got 3 out of 3 marks. And my answer is 5 lines long.

Shouldn't my answer be considered better? I wonder...

now THAT'S a point to consider.

is that some summary question?

maybe your tutor gave you full marks reluctantly =P


let's just say that gals are more literaturistic...


it's a 3mark question. i rather just write 5 line. also 3 marks wat. in exams, use whatever that works and saves u time.

the imp: Yeap. Same here. But 18 lines for a 3 mark question... abit the kua zhang.

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