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Chio bu reading crappy blog

Was at Nexus today where stole the show, thanks to clapping tree. Will blog the details later.

Anyway, all I want to say is, we saw this really chio lady with a equally chio macbook going to and she pong chillicrap's blog. And she actually stayed at his website for quite some time.

WAH CIAO. Lady, why waste your time on craps? Come my blog better.
If you prefer crap, I can crap with you too.

(See, this post is crappy enough)

Maybe crappy blog attracts more chio bu readers. I should crap more.

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aww ... pat pat pats

< joke >what's your problem?< /joke >


No problems. But I think I should crap more to attracts chio bu to read my blog. :P

Actually Chillicrap's blog was pretty cool. I didn't stay THAT long, but I really liked the fact that he took the trouble to photoshop his pau looking thing on his website. And yes it takes guts admitting to the world how gianpeng chillicrap can be. One more thing, I justpurchased a domain,, cash parking it now, its my tribute to chillicrap! :) CHILLAX!

estee: eeerrr.... are you that gal we saw at Nexus???

or she wants to claim the title "chio bu"


now... am I supposed to feel flattered or flattened?

ok wat. you din attract a chio bu but you attract a chio aunty! hahaha....

Aunty when young also very chio you know! muahahahaha.....

Aim to be 师奶杀手 - more likely to have! hahaha....

Hmmmm.... I must aim to attract all chio ones. :D

Right man.. aunty used to be very chio.. if u were 20 years younger, you've had been smitten by me ok, young man!

20 years younger? Then I would be 7 yr old. hmmm....

U attracts little boys?

Woops, I mean if I was 20 years younger.. so sorry my mind is rusty.. my brain is getting a bit out of whack!

dk: do you take lao ang chio as well? (old banana, if my limited hokkien is correct)

Estee: U 20 yr younger? Started walking already? :P

tsk tsk tsk DK, jealousy is one of the 7 deadly sins, don't you know that? haha :D

Jealous? WHO? Me? Where got?

Why should I be jealous. No, I not jealous. I jealous for what? No jealous. Nothing for me to jealous.


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