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Change PC

After setting up PC for everyone, I finally found time to setup my own PC.

I copied everything to the new PC via network and start to bid farewell to the desktop that has been with me for the last 4 years in the company.

The 1.6ghz, 256mb PC that has been working with me since day one in my company.

Good bye old PC. Hello new PC.

3.4ghz, 1gb. Shoik.

The new LCD screen is making my desk look very empty. I seriously need to place more documents so that I will not give others an impression that I have nothing to do.

lol you can just crush some paper and throw behind your new LCD monitor, that should fill up your desk area pretty much.

Then people will say you are messy.

Must populate the table with useful stuff mah. :P

Your PC went on a diet! :)

haha, put more papers stack all over ur table... it will make u look like u are swamped with papers :P

Wah! This is shiok, man! Feel like getting a new PC although just bought mine last October. :D

My home desktop also dying. Thinking of getting a iMac. :D

Buy BAK2u anti-theft software! Got discount!

ok ok .. I ban myself. :)

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