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Walking Memory

I notice that I've become a walking memory nowadays after buying the portable harddisk at the PC show. Here is the list of storage memory I bring out today.

Portable HDD - 160gb
Laptop - 80gb
Thumbdrive - 1gb
SD card in PDA - 1gb
m2 card in HP - 2gb
PDA - 128mb
HP - 64mb
Spare MS Duo Card - 1gb
Spare SD Card - 256mb
Spare MMC Card - 256mb

I'm really a gadget freak.


for my camera, i have like 6 memory sticks now.

just bought a 2GB during the IT show and my 2nd microSD for my phone.

the prices gets cheaper every year....

correction: the prices get cheaper every three weeks.

dang you're a storage device freak.

I always thought the price of storage device falls everyday. :P

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