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Die at sgblogs

Remember sgblogs? I bump into this site somewhere in Feb. Since then, I'll pop by every now and then to check it out. Quite a nice page too, although I prefer more.

One thing about sgblogs is, they don't use your profile picture as avatar. Their script will grab the latest picture you posted on your blog. And guess what is my latest picture now.

Die lah....


Hehehe ... So thats the chinese character for die.

I'm wondering though what they use to guage the blog ranking. *scratches head*

现在, 你知道'死'字怎么写了吗?

You've been tagged. See my latest post!

rinaz: some top secret method. :P

Ahhh.... ganna tag again. Die ah....

hahaha! Quite suitable to ur blog title leh...

Hmmm..... true also. Maybe I should replace my "head on table" avatar to use the die word right? :P

Hahahahahaa... Die die... that darn hilarious!!

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