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Every now and then, my assignment will include some questions that requires you to do some self reflections.

One of the question in the latest project assignment is:-

"What are the skill that you feel you will need in order to see this project through to completion. Explain why."

I heard from my tutor that UK University like to ask this kind of questions. And Singaporeans always fail badly on this sort of question because there is no way to study for it and no 10 years series.

Which is quite true actually. Cause I'm also struggling to answer this question. Not because I don't know what to write, but I don't know if I should write the truth.

You see, if you ask me what skill is important, I would say bullshit skill is most important for me during this project.

Why? Because I have to cook up all the requirements for this project. Thinking of scenarios that don't exist in real life, but look nice on paper. Bullshit this and that.

Bullshit skill is really the most important skill.

But.... how to write this in my assignment?

I'll have to stick with time management, communications skill and stuff..... haiz.

There's another skill that is very important, especially when you go out to society to work eventually.

Most of you would scorn at it but it could get you up to a giddy level in your career. I enjoy this kind of treatment from my employees and business associates even though I have none of it.

Carry Balls.

yaks. Hate that.

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