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Just discovered that I was being indexed by sgblogs.

Well, I didn't register or sign up for it. The website says that their engine uses a fully automated algorithm to seek out the cluster of Singapore blogs within the Internet. Cool. Sound like, but fully automated and on a larger scale.

Anyway, I went to take a look and found something very funny. Appearantly, the web spider just grab the most recent picture from the blog and use it as the avatar for the blogger.

Do you know what is my avatar? Hint: Its Chinese New Year period.

Picture of Fortune God from this post.

I like Fortune God. (Well, who doesn't?) But having fortune god as my avatar is abit.... eerr.... disrespectful? misrepresentation? I don't know. I still prefer my usual face on table avatar. Wondering if there is any way I could change it.

You're the first to blog about us! Yay!

Got any gift or not? haha.

LOL! Cai sheng ye!!!

wa! why am I on the thing! haha

Check out

cheahchuwen: Cause you are a Singaporean and you blog? :P

sg bloggers: I'm going to charge you guys for advertisment. hahahaha.....

wah so many singapore blogger index online.. eh can i link u?

Congrats!!! Just checked that your blog is moved upwards by 50 positions and now ranked 111. Cool.

sylv: Sure, its my pleasure.

Jerl: Maybe they changed the ranking algorithm.

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