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Slash my search

Got this from paddy.

I got my account here already.
Still wondering how it works. Looks complicated. Will need to read up.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Eh... u snatching my business huh? :P

- Sign up

- Then use the link to be the webpage for you to search and earn

- Or you can also send it to others to sign up and you earn when they earn too. Just like a E-MLM.

Do it for fun is okay but if seriously want to earn a lot from there, needs to put in quite some efforts of cos :)

I was kidding wif u just now. :P

No lah, not so good mah Hee ..
But it is sure a fun way to earn money and to understand a bit more on MLM too :)

Slashmysearch website went down since yesterday .. probably overload. hee

Still down. Maybe they went broke after paying you. hahaha....

hahah! No way lor ... I am hitting $40 soon, kinda fast within like a week or so only.

stop lying most u can make in a day is like 20 cent now

I where got lie? They lie 1 lor.

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