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Kam conspiracy

I've always been wondering..... Is there a conspiracy behind exchanging Kam (mandarin orange) during Chinese New Year?

The tradition says that exchanging Kam is like exchanging gold as the word kam sound like gold blah blah blah. But have you ever wonder.... this tradition could have been created by the kam farmer who is trying to clear his kam during the chinese new year period.

Why would anyone wanna buy so much kam if there isn't such a tradition?

Could all this be a conspiracy?

Ai Kam Mai?

Your basket of kum this year seems smaller than the basket seen last year leh....

There are somemore at the back....

I kind of agree. :P

If you noticed some of the celebrations (Christmas, Valentine's, etc.) are associated with traditions where we have to buy something from vendors, i.e. they're such that we have to spend money on something, be it oranges, flowers, gadgets, chocolates, presents, etc.

Makes you wonder how they all started. ;)

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