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I'm back

Hello running route. Long time no see.

It's good to be back. Now I need to get my momentum going.


i'm surprised u run. =D

Why? See me no up ah? :P

haha, i so long stop running liao. darn, time to blow the dust of them :D

You still can run ah? Carrying all those weight? Can move meh? hahaha....

Got so kua zhang meh?

Wah DK runs! I haven't done any sports for months now. Growing fatter and lazier.

Eh, is that opposite the science centre? You run near my house ah?

uzyn: Long time never run liao. I used to post a pic everytime I run.

ridz: ya, somewhere near your house. really went for a run.
i will go Macritchie for jogging (walk?) on saturday...hehe :P

Wah. You go there jogging with who? Becareful leh. Alot of tiko uncle there 1.

I want to ask you hor, how do you manage to run when you carry hp/camera with you huh?

When I run, I find carrying my house keys a nuisance already, and dont carry any water/towel to burden myself... so how to run with things??

Dk you should really do something to your belly. look at those comments... tsk tsk tsk....

Gizmore: Yes yes... I doing something about it. :P

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