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I'm not a popular blogger

Met quite a few new faces today at the booth. And it seems funny that many of them know who am I. I get responds like "Oh, you are DK" and "You are the guy with the face on the table right?" and "You are decayonnet right?".

But still, I'm not a popular blogger. After all, I only got average 100 plus hit per day. That is like less than 10% of what the celebrity bloggers are getting each day.

Another sign that I'm not a popular blogger is that LG's blogger relation dept never lend me their new LG Shine phone to play with. They gave the phone to serveral popular blogger for 3 months to play with. I happen to know 2 of them and saw them using it today.

Well.... I not popular enough to get my hands on that phone to play with. :(

PS: This is a sour grape posting. You can ignore it actually.

Ya, definitely sour grapes. tsk tsk tsk.......

don't worry, you get half the number of daily hits i get, not too far away.

aiya! Why you look into the hits so much? Dunno about you, but I don't get paid to have visitors to my blog...

So just cheer up and keep blogging!
(one reason of the low hits is that they are eating your XML feed!)

ecl: ya lor.... you can smell it all the way from Jurong to East Coast right? :P

chillycraps: aiya... just say say only lah.

You probably have double the hit of mine, haha

"I'm not a popular blogger"

- Me neither hee..

yenjai, xdiorangelx: we all jia you together lah. :D

aiyah dk don't liddat lah..
make me feel bad ley..
anyway it's only 90 days mah..
not that they give for free..

Knox: Haha... I just say say onli lah.

Hahaha hey at least your blog isn't dead for 8 months per year! ^_~

Whose blog went dead for 8 month? Yours? :P

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