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My moo has arrived

Got a pleasant surprise when the postman came knocking my door today afternoon. I thought its some registered letter for my dad. But it turns out to be a package for me. And its too fat to slot into my mailbox.

Its my moo cards! I got to know about moo cards from Kevin during on of the gathering. Ever since then, I've been wanting to get one myself. It is only recently that I went to their webpage and ordered mine. I placed my order on 4th May. They drop me an email telling me that it was delivered on 10th May and I got it today (15 May). That was fast.

The cards comes in a nice little white box. Can't help taking a lots of pictures.

I selected 11 designs from the template they provided. I can actually use my own pictures from flickr too.

My personal fave are the one with grass and bluesky, coffee and the lone man at the beach. I know the gals are going to like the kitten a lot.

Actually, they made a small mistake. I made an amendment to my order the next day to include the picture of my face on the table. But it was not included. I think they made a mistake and use to older order instead of the updated order. Still wondering if I want to go thru the hassle and get them change. Maybe I'll check the process first before deciding.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the cards. Very nicely done. Love it.

And best of all, they are in time for blogout and village talk next week.

How much did you actually pay to get it printed...?

i love the one with kitty!! Oh boy, its sooooooooooo cute!!!!

farahd: USD19.99.

zeezee: haha. I'll give you the one with kitten if I got the chance to meet u.

Wow... that's damn cool! Kitty's so cute..

jerl: yeap... seems like everyone likes the kitten. :P

WAH, the rocks very nice!

Ya. rock also quite nice. Just given ECL the one with the rock last nite.

haha.. u must hold ur promise ya.. then i buy u spicy spicy de stingray!!

zeezee: One moo card exchange for one spicy spicy de stingray? Wow... that a good deal!

Can I give you 5 moo cards in exchange for 5 stingray? :D

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