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What is wrong with this picture?

I was laughing when I first saw this picture.

(You might need to zoom in to see the problem)

Which smart alex did this anyway?
(I hope you get the joke. I got a few friends didn't see it until I told them what is it that is wrong)

haa haa ..

the condom is not safe anymore ..
will leak ...

Hanneng: Yeap yeap.

Maybe they think the condoms are made of impregnable plastics...

Miccheng: Or maybe they have no idea how condoms works.

The ribbon could be stapled first before being stuck onto the Condoms.

Brennan: Hmmm..... ya... you got a point. Lets hope they staple the ribbon and stick it on the condoms and not staple the ribbon to the condoms. :P

looks cute what. ribbon on your condom. okay, who'm i tryna kid? *guffaws*

its 2007 now, my dear friends. haha ~beany

I notice the staplets straight away. LOLS..

I am telling you, it's all a part of the campaign to increase Singapore's population...

I know what is wrong. There is no full-stop punctuation mark after "2004". :)

litford: Ya... who you trying to kid? My readers mostly above 20 already. Very hard to kid 1. :P

Anon: Maybe that picture was taken 3 years ago?

christina: BINGO! hmmm.... you must be very experienced with these products. hahaha... okok... just kidding. :P

ntt: That is provided people are using it in the first place. haha.

lancerlord: Quick send this picture to that broken english blog! haha...

Sorry I did not manage to enlarge the photo leh.

Did the labels contain names, dates and venue, and other details of your usage?

hhdu: They don't belong to me. hahaha....

ok i took a while! but i dint cheat by looking at the comments! hehe. this is funny, so im gonna post it up on my blog too! haha.

daphne: oh... u also another experienced user. :P

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