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Decayonnet on iPhone

This is so cool.

Behold! The iPhone!! *Evil Laugh*

u photoshoped a screenshot of ur blog onto the phone rite! lol :P

anyway.. how did u get ur hands on one?! u stole paddy's ah? heehee!



Daphne: If I photoshopped it, then I think I can work in design house already. :D

UFC: You muack me or the iphone? :P

nice! i mean the phone not you...

hahahah!! PS? The graphics are really cool, dont need to PS it :)

The iphone is really fun to play with!

zhenzhen: Issit? I always thought I look better when blurish. Perhaps I should post clearer picture of myself. *evil laugh*

Paddy: Shhh.... Don't tell people I got the new PSP2. Hahahaha... (Like real)

arzhou: Yeap. Fun to molest with. :D

Cool phone! :) Feel like getting it -.-

Jacelyn: Yeap. It sure is a cool phone. But then, for a gadget freak like me, I wouldn't like the iPhone so much. Its only 2.5G. Wah piang.

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