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iPhone - Will It Blend?

WARNING: This video is not suitable for iPhone fans. If you are a iPhone fan, please, don't press the play button. Go visit Paddy's blog instead.


From the guys who blended a iPod, here is the iPhone blended.

And they really put it up on ebay. And the current bid is $660!!!

Ouch! Posted it at bak2u blog too.. really heartache huh.

They rich mah. :D

Anyway, its an interesting marketing concept.

Crazy lol..

Jacelyn: Yeap. Crazy indeed. But it is a very very good marketing gimmick.

Suddenly I just feel like buying that blender and blend all sorts of things. Whahahaha. :P

crazy things people do... ie to blend an iphone and buying a blended ipone for more than US1k!!

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