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DK on

My name appeared on

OK, the article wasn't about me. It was about Geek Terminal. The reporter from google-d for Geek Terminal and stumble upon my blog. So he emailed me 2 weeks ago for my thoughts about Geek Terminal.

Dxxxxx Kxxx, a blogger and analyst programmer, also uses Geek Terminal. "It's the ideal place to be for geeks and the tech-savvy, but the non-tech-savvy won't feel out of place, as it is just like any other cafe/restaurant," he says.

**I censored my full name because I don't want anyone to google for me using my name and come come to my blog.**

You can read the full article here.

Actually I wrote quite a bit about Geek Terminal. I guess they can't put my grandfather story in the article. But since this is my blog, I shall give you the full, uncensored version. Hope nobody falls asleep after reading. :P

Personally, I feel that Geek Terminal has contributed significantly to the developments of blogsphere, web 2.0 and online communities in Singapore by providing an excellent place for online community gathering and events. The upper deck is spacious and customizable for different event. They provide high speed wireless internet access and power socket. Every once in a while, they would showcase the latest high tech product like hand phones that is coming to the market. It’s the idea place to be for geeks and the tech savvy, but non-tech savvy won't feel out of place as it is just like any other cafe/restaurant.

Congrats to Geek Terminal for making it to

Well done. =) Now you're truly famous.

Ben: No lah. Not famous yet. The article is about Geek Terminal, not me. Besides, most online friends call me DK instead of my real name.

If you notice, Paddy's name is there too. Wah piang. This guy is like appearing in the news every week. Give others a chance lah. :P

Yo celebrity! Don't follow in Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan footsteps! Drive don't drive!! :)

Yee Hung: I always thought they purposely drink and drive to become more famous? :P

Maybe I should try. Hahaha..... Kidding. :P

From now on I'll call u Dxxxxx Kxxx. kekeke...

Hi DK,

Gosh, we are so similar. Same age, live same area, same industry and almost same birthday.

What else are we alike?

DJ Lamb

Heee... hey hey hey! We are in CNN :)

Hey DK, get cnn to publish your famous photo! That way you can compete with Paddy for the "Big Head" =D

lancerlord: Sure, no problem. But how you pronounce it?

"Dee axe axe axe axe axe, kay axe axe axe"?

DJ Lamb: Ahhh... you are my evil twin brother? hahaha. :P

Paddy: You again. Told you how many times liao, give others a chance. Stop hogging CNN, BBC, CNBC, CNA, ST, DL, Today etc etc etc.... :P

arzhou: Cannot lah. Wait's readership drop. I heard insider news that the readership of Digital Times fell sharply after they publish Paddy's big head. :P

famous liao wor :D

Oi! Dont like that leh... those media are talking about BAK2u not me mah. Cannot blame me hor. :)

I pasted the entire list of questions, yours the same DK?

CNN Interview

Digital Life readership all these while very high one, nothing to do with my head hor. You dont pretend leh, when you saw the iPhone you went on four praying to it right? Hee hee

Xinyun: No lah. Nobody will notice one. Not like someone face big big all over the iPhone article. :P

Paddy: Seriously, how much money did you pay the reporter to get your big head all over Digital Life? :P

DK, u hv yet to show your pretty face, still not lifting it up, if not I believed it will be published even more frequent than Paddy lah..hehehe...

Christopher: I got show my face lah. You see here. :P

Ooh u are famous... :P

Jacelyn: No lah. Where got?

Huh... so u are a guy, not very pretty leh.

Aiyah, since u are a guy, that photo how can be up for businessman award?

Cannot attract chio bu also.

Keep it for future use lah, when u do not want any attraction. hehehe...

Christopher: HUH? Catch no ball. :P

Yalor... you should send CNN your photo with the face down wan - guarantee make you more famous than Paris Hilton. :)

Larry: But I don't want to be more famous than Paris Hilton. :P

ok, spit it out, who in CNN did u threaten to sit on? =P

must feel good to have ur name mentioned!

DK, can I call you Dxxxx Kxxx? LOL....

DJ Lamb & DK - If both are evil twin, I think I better move out of Jurong.

tstar: Huh? Why do I need to threaten people to get on the news? Paddy did that. I have no need for that. :P

winnilicious: OK, you can call me "Dee axe axe axe axe axe, kay axe axe axe". :P

Jurong is a good place.

I am gonna sue your ass, Dee Kee! hahaha

Paddy: Na ni na ni bo bo!! :P

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