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DK gone MAAD

OK, there wasn't a typo in the title. I really went MAAD. Market of Artists And Designers.

MAAD is a monthly event held on the first weekend of every month at the Red Dot Design Museum. It's the old Traffic Police HQ for those who always ganna summon last time. :P

Bump into Claudia on my way to Red Dot Design Museum. She has a booth at MAAD too.

The whole place was like those school funfair with lots of booth selling local designed products. Saw a booth that sells hand made journal. Interesting. But you will never see me attempt to write. My handwriting sucks.

Met Roger at MAAD. Roger is a great designer and creator of Shuffle Art. Love his designs. His design make me feel like buying a iPod just to paste the Shuffle Art and be seen walking around with it. He has a booth at MAAD and gave me a sneak preview of his latest product. Hee hee. I'll talk more about it in another post.

There are other interesting stuff like a mini table made from clear plastic for using your laptop while on bed. Cool stuff. Then there is also this decorative star shaped lamp. Too bad it look out of place in my undesigned house.

Paddy and Izel was there too. I machim like go there to meet friends leh. Haha. They are there because Izel has a booth at MAAD for her Chain of Beads. Her hand made jewelleries (especially the Pendants) are beautiful. You can tell that she put in alot of effort and passion in making them.

Her booth kinda messy hor? But it is filled with beautiful jewelleries which is a babe magnet and traffic stopper. Perhaps that is why Paddy is always at the booth (to bio the gals looking at his wife's product). Haha... I'm kidding.

Izel told me that her all her designs are unique and she don't repeat the designs. Meaning you won't bump into anyone wearing the same design along the road. Which I think is important. And if you want to be your own jewellery designer, Izel also provides beading classes. Isn't that great? Check out her website for more details.

The pendants sure looks beautiful. Makes me feel like buying. But I buy liao also cannot wear myself. Then also got nobody to give it to. Haiz.

DK, buy for me ah.. I can make it into good use!

me! me! jumping up n down with my hands held high! buy for me lah! wahahaha...

Young Businessman: If I buy for you, you must wear it out everyday lah. OK? Wahahaha.

Claudia: Eeeerr..... You walk over to Izel's booth choose the design that you like then tell me lah.

*Quick run while Claudia busy choosing design*

you can give me too. =D

Hey DK, it was really pleasant to see you yesterday, you caught both of us by surprised :)

Ya, DK, thanks for showing up at MAAD! I was surprised to see you there too!

Had lotsa of fun, right? :)

tstar: Go choose a design you like lor.


Paddy: Of cos cannot let you know that I'm going down before hand lah. Wait you put camera in the toilet or something. :P

Izel: Yeap. It's a nice place to be at. :)

Wah DK, you really know paddy well leh. he is always looking out for a chance to...... luckily you know and never visit the toilet. Haha, I know Paddy is going to kill me.

Izel: Yah, very scary when he is around hor?

He going to kill you when he comes back? Then why are you still at your house? Quick run! Come my house, I got extra bed at home. :D

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