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Fighting with that P Devil

I'm a Procrastinator. (I guess its a well known fact)

Whenever there is an assignment or task, I always push to the very last minute. Perhaps I work better when the deadline is near. So far, I haven't gotten myself into any trouble yet. But seriously, I think it's just a matter of time before my procrastinate hobby create trouble for me. Keep telling myself that I need to do something about this P Devil. But the procrastinator in me always push that to the last minute. This is bad... real bad. I need to fight with that P Devil before it kills me.

Argh.... I hate assignments... OK, back to fighting with that P Devil.

Die P Devil.... Die!!!

i also work better under stress. (my kind of last minute is erm, start to do the assignment 12 hours before it is due haha)

but... still. i also admit that procrastination is BAD. so let's jiayou and be more diligent ok. haha...

gd luck for ur assignment k!

Dont delay anything cos at the end of the day you may lose more than you gain...

Lost opportunities cost is something that cannot be measured.

Daph: Thx. Submitted already. :D

Paddy: Yes, I know this is a very bad habbit. I need to kill that P Devil.

I don't even know what is procrastination until well, quite recently. Someone said to me: You don't even know what's killing you.


UFC: You mean it has been part of you until you don't even know it existed? Wah... that is even worst than me. :P

Thank you thank you. :p

UFC: You are most welcome-d. :D

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