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DK vs You Crazy What?! burger

Someone challenged me to finish the You Crazy What?! burger by myself last Tuesday. It is not just a plain You crazy what?! burger. It's a cheese You Crazy What?! burger set meal to be exact.

The burger was huge. 450grams of beef, covered with cheese and lots of fries. The height of the 3 beef patty stacked together is enough to scare you.

How can anyone finish that?

I start slow.... taking each bite slowly to enjoy the taste. The burger taste great, especially with the cheese. But its going to be damn filling.

10 minutes later, I completed 1 patty.

Pause to take some picture and take a break. Had a short walk to the drink stall to get some water to flush down the meat. It is going to be a long night.

I picked up some speed and finished the 2nd patty within 8 minutes.

Was beginning to struggle at the end of the 2nd patty. Left with 1 last patty. The 3rd patty is the toughest. Couldn't really get it down. Spend 15 minutes trying to eat 1/2 of the patty.

At this point, I am beginning to feel the patty stacking in my throat already. Really can't take much more. Tried drinking more water to flush the meat down, but it is not helping much. A walk to the toilet to exercise myself also didn't help much.

At last, I surrender. Couldn't take it anymore. Don't want to puke out the food or over stuff myself. I throw the white flag.

I stopped here.

It wasn't that bad. The patty is gone. Left with some fries, bread and veg.

So final score, DK 0 - 1 You crazy what?! burger.

PS: I'm not going to eat another You crazy what?! burger for the next 6 months. You all want to jio me go Botak Jones still can, I'll have anything but You Crazy What?! burger.

Botak Jones shiok rite? If I were you ah, I whack the burger first, fries and coleslaw last... haha... 1st time eat Botak Jones, my bf and I cannot finish. 2nd time we went there, we whack the mains first, fires and coleslaw last. In the end, we finished less than half of the fries and coleslaw. Botak Jones' servings are huge!

Paced: Make no diff lah. End of the day everything still need to go down.


Itz a meat-lover's dream come true (in Singapore) Cheap, good and HUGE bwahaha

Jzin: Yeap. And after that, you'll feel like staying off meat for a few weeks. Haha...

You were there to enjoy or to sabo yourself? :)

Paddy: I was there to challenge myself. Hahahaha....

nice one man..I managed to finish it up tho..and then helloooo indigestion...

Botak Jones rawks!!

Jason: You got indigestion after eating? Wah... that is not good for health leh. :P

how many days did u stay off meat? haha..

*drool @ that triple layer patty*

keropok: Me stay off meat? Cannot liao. Will die. But I did cut down on meat intake for a day. hahaha....

xinyun: Don't just drool. Go botak jones and have one. hee hee. :D

I tried Botak Jones after reading your first review. Tried the You Crazy What Burger with Cheese since you recommend must add cheese. Couldn't finish the burger as well. Left the last patty.

I still prefer Astons Specialties. Just find the food is nicer over there.

motd: I've been wanting to try Astons Specialties for quite some time already but I never got the chance.

You left with 1 patty? Wah... Should have gone for the double then. What a waste.

I can't wait to go there but worry about my diet plans! Sh$t!

Iris: Diet? Don worry lah. You don't need any. :D

dk, i can't motivate myself to go there yet.

perhaps when i'm off my diet or lost 5kg, then i'll go there to put back 2kg =P

I clicked on the picture to enlarge it and the entire burger seem to be staring at me in the face.. I went,"wah lau eh, damn sinful!"

I want to eat leh!

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