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DK's Birthday wishlist

It has been almost like a tradition for me to write a birthday wishlist on my blog before my birthday so that it can help my friends who can't really decide on what present to get for me. In the past, I usually post my wish list a month before my birthday. But I’ve been busy with some stuff lately and forgot to post. 1 more week to my birthday. Hope I'm not too late. Sorry for the delay.

Here is my 2007 birthday wishlist. (Not in any order)

1) 13" Macbook.
2) 24” iMac
3) iPod Touch
4) Sony PSP
5) Canon Ixus 860 IS
6) Espresso Machine
7) Sony Ericssons MBW100 bluetooth watch
8) Issey Miyake L'eau D'Issey Homme perfume
9) Calvin Klein underwear (Email me for the size. *wink*)
10) Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headset HBH-DS970
11) Tiësto - In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza
12) Headphones
13) Maxtor Shared Storage Plus NAS harddisk drive
14) Bean bag sofa
15) Spending my birthday with the person I love

aiyoh..the person that u love is last..bean bag sofa comes to your mind first then your love???

and..why do you need two computerS?

yeebas: The list is not in any order. :P

But it would be great to have 'em all tho...mmm...

Jason: Definitely. :)

wah, got calvin klein underwear!
I don't have a wish list and my birthday is coming soon! Pity my friends.

tstar: Why? You want to buy that for me? :D

woah dk, ur wishlist certainly don't come cheap eh :P

with the exception of number 15... I hope you will be able to spend your birthday with someone u love :)

Wah. 1 more week to my birthday too.

When's yours?

Nicole: Where got? There are some cheaper items. But they are between the more expensive stuff. :P

felix: Next Wed. :) When is yours?

dk, you are right, there are some cheaper items on the list :P haha... and i hope ur wishes will come true :P

Nicole: Yeap. Hope everyone don't see them and just see the expensive stuff. :D

Well, at least a few of them are coming true. (I buy for myself. :P )

Brian: Tsk tsk... How can like that? Tiesto is my idol. Must support his CD.

download then pay him personally for the songs. trust me, buying a CD, the record label takes so much away from the artiste -)

buy one CD must pay for manager, A&R representative, salary for everybody at the label, producer, CD art, printers.. blablabla

but buy CD can support the industry.. but that is another debate as to which industries or labels are worth supporting *heh*

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