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Singapore has more press freedom

Good news everyone. Singapore's press freedom index has gone up. The figure in 2006 shows that Singapore's press freedom index is at 51,50. The latest figure by Reporters Without Borders for 2007 shows that Singapore's press freedom index is at 56,00. Congrat! We are having more press freedom. Our worldwide ranking has jumped from position 146 to 141 out of 169 countries. Quite an impressive achievement.

It shows that the Government is doing a good job in allowing press freedom. So who says Singapore don't have press freedom? We have more press freedom than 28 other countries in the world. Go talk to the 28 countries first before saying Singapore has no press freedom.

Singapore's ranking has overtaken Afghanistan this year! Well done everyone. Looks like the Talibans aren't giving their press too much freedom this year. Shame on the Talibans. And Singapore is catching up with Sudan soon. Lets hope we will over take Sudan next year.

But we still lose to our neighbour Malaysia. Malaysia's ranking is at 124. Malaysia very Boleh. Their press must be very free. That why they have so much freedom.

Don't worry. Our minister will make sure that we will not lose to Malaysia next year. But in order for our minister to improve our press freedom index, they need another round of pay increment.

Congrats everyone. Singapore is having more press freedom! Keep up the good work.


It always amuses me that we have a press freedom index almost in the same league as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea... lol

harbinson: Why? What is wrong with being in the same league with a nuclear superpower?

Well, in the same league for the WRONG reasons... lol

Once again, Singapore's press is demonstrating their loyalty to the right people.

A round of applause, everybody!

where is the freedom button for us to press?

pkchukiss: *Clap Clap Clap*

CC: At your backside. :P

Yes, thank goodness, the SG press is less worse than last year.

Give the man a Tiger...

Our news media can only win best design awards. best journalist award? best political article award? nah.. No press freedom, too much self-censorship.

I live in Europe, we have press freedom indeed, we even invented press. I love Singapore, it is weird that there is not really a free press, because you can read the foreign papers online, so that as far as news and comments from the entire world, nobody can stop you to read out of your PC. I must confess that in Singapore one lives like anywhere else in Australia or the north America or Europe, so at the end of the day, forget about you press... In a country of your size, we in Europe we would not have so many different newspapers. We have a free press, yes, but very few newspapers, think about that.

Anon: Yeap. I guess it doesn't really matter if we have free press or not. They can control the press, but not the internet.

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