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It only takes 20 minutes to reach any corner of Singapore

I was reading the forums when this article from India caught my attention.

Lee Kuan Yew told the minister that the land acquisition procedure for any developmental project is completed within two months and claims are taken in subsequent phases. "Congestion taxes on vehicles plying on busy roads are a routine course of action in Singapore. The maximum time to reach any corner of Singapore is 20 minutes as traffic is not allowed to flood the roads," he added.

Well, if you hear it from MM Lee, it got to be true. Why not? With Traffic Police escorting your car, everyone can reach any corner of Singapore within 20 minutes. What? You mean you don’t have your personal Traffic Police to escort you to office everyday? Well, then it’s about time you find a job that give you such benefits. Don’t blame anyone if you take more than 20 minutes to travel.

And the traffic is never allowed to flood the road. The jam that you are causing every day is illegal. You are not allowed to flood the roads. So give way to the Traffic Police escort.

Come to think of it, have he ever tried traveling from Tuas to Changi?
Or from City to Yishun via CTE during peak hour?


I think he meant to say can go to any corner from the city-center.

Anyway, it's surely faster than many cities of equal size in India. My cousin takes like 30mins to travel like 5KM to my grandma's place.. Trust me, Singapore is good..

NTT: I never doubt the words from MM Lee. :D

If LKY says you reach your destination within 20mins.

I telling him, I reached my workplace at 45mins. Even if I taking the MRT or the bus, it is still the same timing.

Sentosa girl: By car lah. MRT and Bus confirm cannot meet such timing one.

Ya, MRT always got jam. Take CTE/TPE best! Sure no jam one! Confirm can get to your destination in 20 minutes or your money back. Guaranteed by the gahmen!

HOw can LKY be travelling on the road ? He so paranoid about terrorist that he scare people bomb him.

Therefore what he say make sense to him.

The reason it take 20m is such a luxury time for him because he is travelling in helicopter, that's why.
In the sky, no terrorist, and he get to see his empire kingdom in one glance.

actually..i always believe taking the MRT is faster than car since MRT doesn't have to car about traffic on the tracks.But I guess it depends on what time you are travelling..even so, city hall to boon lay takes about half hour i think.

oops i mean MRT doesn't have to *care about traffic

20 minutes?! LOL..

But magicalstar,

MRT now got a lot of inconveniences lei. Short-circuit lah. Suicide attempts lah.

Its now not feasible for those who need speed :-P

But yah, I agree with some of you.

20 minutes is probably true if there is only 1 car driven under the command of 1 person for the whole island :-)

20 mins? Sure sure ... if he likes to drive at 3am in the morning. 15 mins also can.

Unrealistic figures.

Moby: Got 30 days money back? :P

Anon: Singapore not many place for helicopter to land. He always use car 1.

Magicalstar: It really depends leh. Sometimes MRT might be faster, sometimes not.

Lin: Yeap, he say one.

katak: Suicide and short circuit aren't common. But still, we need to add in the waiting time and time for you to travel to the MRT station.

Paddy: Well.... to be fair, he didn't state the time. So lets assume that he is referring to traveling at 3am in the morning. Hahaha

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