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2008 New Year Resolution

1) Exercise more
OK, I know this item was in my 2007 Resolution. But I didn't really achieve it. Let's hope I'll do it this year.

2) Improve on my english and learn a new language
I really need to improve on my english language, both written and spoken. And as for the new language, I meant programming language.

3) Invest more money
Once again, something that was in my 2007 resolution but I didn't do. I really need time to research into Shares and put those idling money to work.

4) Stop procrastination
One of my biggest flaws. I think I need to put it to a stop.

5) Work on the opportunities that I've found in 2007
I believe 2008 is going to be an interesting year for me. Will be working on the opportunities that I've found in 2007.

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