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99 days left

99 days left till end of contract. Meaning bonus and pay increment are coming. Yippie!

As usual, I'm starting the countdown on my whiteboard.

99 days left till end of contract
28 weekends
5 public holidays
2 leaves
64 working days left!!!!

To everyone, the just seems like random number. Unless I tell them the meaning, I doubt anyone would be able to guess what are they for.
OK, lets hope none of my colleagues reads this blog. If you do read this, don't tell anyone what do those numbers mean. Especially my teamlead. :)

And you are going to sign that contract again for the 4th time... ... ... ... ...

HJ: Don't be that sure lor. Hey, you haven't found a job yet ah? Why not after my contract over, I intro you in lah. :P

ZZZZZ... I dunno programming or SQL leh, how are you going to intro me in. Though i can walk to work literally, if the workplace is there.

HJ: Aiya, just read up abit on SQL will do. Some of the people here also don't know much either. hahaha.

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