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iShop Xmas deal - Macbook Pro and Xbox360 bundle?

Here is an interesting bundle by iShop at Cineleisure. Buy a Macbook Pro and Xbox360 at $3452.

Hmmm.... Apple and Microsoft bundle. Interesting...

Anyway, iShop having some great promo from now till end of the year. Do check it out. :)

Talk about working together huh? :)
But it is really worth it if going for the xbox too.

I am getting one since supposed to upgrade izel's old ibook for her beading.

Then probably will see what to do with that xbox 360, since already no time to play PS2 and psp :)

Paddy: You can always give me the Xbox360 if you don't have time to play. :)

Give? Errr.. we not that close yet. hahah!

Paddy: Stop looking at my backside!! Tsk tsk.

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