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Asking for it

When MDA release that horrible Senior Management Rap video clip, it seems like they are asking everyone on the internet to wack them by doing a parody. So someone fired the first shot.

Not bad for a start. But I'm sure we can do better. Too bad I don't have any video editing software. I got an interesting idea. lol.

Well... guess they are asking for it.

Wha!!. I love this.. Esp the HDTV-man.. "should have been banned".. LOL.

Hahahaha! I'm loving it!

NTT: Yes, the HDTV-man should be banned.

Rinaz: It's good. But think it could be even better. Well, this is just the beginning. More to come I guess. :D

ehh.. any offerings from rinaz the vlog queen on hehehe.

Daphne: You email her ask her to do a better one with Malique lor. :D

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