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The remake of 'Face on the table'

I usually do my exams revision in the university library. It's much better than doing revision at home where there is TV, Internet, food and bed to distract me. Exam period the only time when I use the library.

It is also during this period when I took the infamous 'face on the table' photo. And since this might be the last time that I'll ever need to mug for an exam (if I pass my exam), I guess I should do a remake of the 'face on table' photo.

Looks almost like the original one. Then I notice that I was actually wearing the SAME T-shirt that I wore 2 years ago when I took that picture! Haha... what a coincident.

So which version do you prefer? I still think the old one is better. :D

mmm... the old one is still nicer :)

Same clothes?

Xinyun: Yeap. I also think old one look nicer.

wishbone: Yeap. Same T-shirt. (got wash 1 lah!) :P

Old one better! Sometimes you just can't remake what's already perfect. ;)

same shirt, same pen, same red ears, same mole on the neck. HAHAHAHA!!!

Moby: No lah, its not perfect. Am trying to improve. Seems like this is a bad attempt. Maybe got chance to try again. We'll see.

tstar: Eh.... of cos same mole lah. You think my mole will move away one meh? :P

lol i realised,...

Is it the same pen there too?! lol :P

pkm: hmmm.... I think so leh. hahaha.

I like the new one cos you don have a double chin there...


Well not much anyway :D

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